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Delivery:60 天

 Philippe Starck(菲利浦 史塔克 介紹

recalls spending his childhood underneath his father's drawing boards; hours spent sawing, cutting, gluing, sanding, dismantling bikes, motor cycles and other objects.
Endless hours, a whole lifetime spent taking apart and putting back together whatever comes to hand, remaking the world around him.

Several years and several prototypes later, the Italians have made him responsible for our furniture, President Mitterand asked him to change life at the Elysées Palace, the Café Costes has become Le Café, he has turned the Royalton and Paramount in New York into the new classics of the hotel world and scattered Japan with architectural tours de force that have made him the leading exponent of expressionist architecture. His respect for the environment and for humankind has also been recognized in France, where he was commissioned to design the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, the control tower at Bordeaux airport, and a waste recycling plant in Paris metropolitan area.

Abroad, he continues to shake up the traditions and culture of major cities around the world, with the decoration of the Peninsula Hotel restaurant in Hong Kong, the Teatron in Mexico, the Hotel Delano in Miami, the Mondrian in Los Angeles, the Asia de Cuba restaurant in New York, and a whole clutch of projects under way in London and elsewhere. His gift is to turn the object of his commission instantly into a place of charm, pleasure and encounters.
An honest, enthusiastic citizen of today's world, he considers it his duty to share with us his subversive vision of a better world which is his alone and yet which fits up like a glove.
He is tireless in changing the realities of our daily life, sublimating our roots and the deepest wellsprings of our being into his changes. He captures the dastial spirit of the sea for Béneteau, turns the toothbrush into a noble object, squeezes lemons but the " wrong " way, and even makes our TV sets more fun to be with when he brings his " emotional style " into Thomson's electronic world. He also takes time out to change our pasta, our ash-trays, lamps, toothbrushes, door handles, cutlery, candlesticks, kettles, knives, vases, clocks, scooters, motorcycles, desks, beds, taps, baths, toilets … in short, our whole life. A life that he finds increasingly fascinating, which has brought him now closer to the human body with clothes, underwear, shoes, glasses, watches, food, toiletries et al., still determined that his designs shall, as ever, respect the nature and the future of mankind.

The world's museums are unerring. Paris, New York, Munich, London, Chicago, Kyoto, Barcelona - all exhibit his work as that of a master. Prizes and awards are showered on him: designer of the year, Grand Prix for Industrial Design, the Oscar for Design, Officier des Arts et des Lettres, and many more.

Always and everywhere, he seems to understand better than any other our dreams, our desires, our needs, and our responsibility to the future, as well the overriding need to respect his fellow citizens by making his work a political and a civic act.

Crazy, warm yet terribly lucid, he draws without respite, out of necessity, driven by a sense of urgency, for himself and for others. He touches us through his work, which is fine and intelligent indeed, but most of all touches us because he puts his heart into that work, creating objects that are good even before they are beautiful.

 LouisGhost 描述

   由知名創意設計大師 Philippe Starck(菲利浦 史塔克)所設計,LOUIS GHOST是獨創才能和KARTELL無與倫比的技術能力又一次帶來的潮流作品。一張彩色(水晶色、暗煙灰色、黃色、橙色、綠色和蘭色)透明聚碳酸酯制成的路易十五風格的座椅,讓人驚嘆,使人激動,是巴洛克重現創意。LOUIS GHOST是世界上最大膽使用單片聚碳酸酯模板的范例,其制作對KARTELL是真正技術上的考驗——圓形的背面和扶手體現了極高的工藝難度,看似水晶狀,但可阻擋嚴重撞擊和擦損。在各室內設計或是時尚雜志都經常出現,連 LV 服裝設計師 MARC JACOBS 的 Show Room 也是用這張椅子,曝光率極高,只要有這樣的椅子在你的空間里出現,整個的感覺就會很不一樣,很時尚。Sex and the City 中 Carrie 跟那個藝術家老婆見面的法國餐廳里也是用這張椅子。設計師的經典作品,用了十幾年還是不退流行,可作為收藏。

 LouisGhost 效果
 LouisGhost 規格
 Kartell 品牌故事

Kartell:ideas, design and facts

kartell's image and 59 years history are described through the company's products.

the development,the corporate strategies,the attention the company has paid to technology,the project and the desigh can be appreciated by observing the products kartell has designed.
kartell's products express the language and the atmosphere of the period in which they were created,but at the same time they are "contemporary articles",they incorporate many other values and messages and this is why they have become an integral part of our domestic scenario.
Created by a team of designers of international fame:Ron Aead,Anna castelli Ferrieri,Antonio Citterio,Michele De Lucchi,Patrick Jouin,Ferruccio Laviani,piero Llssoni,Vico Magistretti,Alberto Meda,Enzo Mari,Paolo Rizzatto ,Maarten Van Severen,Philippe Starck and Patricia Urquiola,Tokujin Yoshioka .A relationship that together wish Kartell has built up a privilged channel through the continuous exchange of ideas about projects and that has succeeded in developing at best the Company's potential in a tangible form.

Kartell's products communicate the Company's strategy, its growth and its evolution. Today, the products are distributed in 96 counteies throughout the world in 120 Kartell Flagships and more than 4,000 points of sale.
The history of Kartell's products and the Company's identity are described in a Museum in a tour consisting of more than 1,000 objects displayed in chronological order over a surface area of approximately 2,000 square metres.
Kartell's products have gained prestigious international awards during the 59 years in business, including 9'Compasso d'Ore'. The past,present and future intersect to describe the value of a trademark that represents the project, design and innovation.

Kartell:ideas, design and facts

Kartell was founded in 1949 by Giulio Castelli, a chemical engineer who graduated gaining the "Nobel Natta award", and started business by producing plastic articles: first of all car accessories, later turning to household goods, laboratory articles and lamps.

The articles produced comply with two challenges pursued by the Company:"to introduce plastic to the home" and to replace glass with plastics in the case of laboratory equipment.

Katell adopted an entirely innovative approach from the very begining to engineer its articles based on technological research and on design.

Kartell consolidated its identity in the '60s, paralle to the international success of the made in Italy design, by continuing to explore the versatility of plastics and to redefine the shapes and functions of its own articles.

Kartell identified new expressive capacities by focusing on the versatility of plastics, heightened by the ever-increasing bold technological challenges,proposing an "ad hoc" finish for each product. In this way articles were produced that met new needs and seduced by the appeal of their design.

The broader production range required a new commercial and distribution strategy. Points of sale were established throughout the world (Flagship, Shop, and Point) dedicated solely to the kartell product and characterised by an image that is strong and in harmony with the Company's image.

Finally, the Kartell Museum was founded in 1999,The initiative restores to the general public a tangible record of Kartell's history and is a statement of the Company's vocation for research.




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